Frazer’s great-grandfather Joe Warnock started making pipe reeds in 1942 as a hobby, and here was the foundation.

One of Joe’s sons, Andrew, started making bagpipes and chanters and went on to be a world leader until his untimely death.

Another one of Joe’s sons, James (Frazer’s grandfather) took an interest in the reed making in the late 60s, and they went on to be the most popular reeds in the world.

Frazer’s father, William, was also making reeds part-time and was to take over the business, when he was tragically killed in an accident in 1980.

We’re still a family business, which has just entered the 5th generation.

This is unsurpassed by any bagpipe business on the planet!!

Frazer’s two sons’ Rian and Marc recently joined the business full time, after completing an engineering course.

Rian is involved with the machine work, turning and milling, with both CNC (computer numerical control) and manual machines, while Marc is very much a reed man…

They are both members of Tullylagan Pipe band, with Marc being a young Pipe Sergeant.

Marc also plays in the solos and has won Ulster titles, All Ireland titles and World titles among lots more.

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